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Welcome to the Philippines

Wow. I thought we may never make it here. We’re off to a rough start to the trip but WE’RE HERE!

Long story short, we got stuck overnight in Phoenix as our departing flight from Atlanta was delayed. Originally they didn’t have any availability on any AM flights that would get us to LAX in time to make our flight to Tokyo. With the American Airlines One World Explorer awards tickets that we have, we’re allowed to make changes to our itinerary but only if award seats are available on a given flight. There were plenty of seats on daily flights between LAX and Tokyo but NO seats for the next week from Tokyo to Manila which would have thrown off our whole trip by at least a week.

Luckily with a few tears, some patience, and persistent begging, the gate agent finally found us the last two seats on the 6:00am flight. I have a feeling this may become a recipe for success during our trip.

After passing through Tokyo for an extended 24 hour layover and eating sushi, visiting a fish market, and mastering the famous Japanese toilet {fun stuff} we’ve arrived in Manila.

Fish Market in Narita, Japan

Fish Market in Narita, Japan

We’re boarding another flight shortly to head to our real destination, the island of Palawan. White sand beaches, crystal clear water and {fingers crossed} blue skies, here we come!

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