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Morocco: 5 Things NOT to do

During our Morocco trip, there were definitely some things that we learned and looking back we wish we had done differently. 1. Don’t book a medina tour in Fes or accept the help or guidance of anyone you’re not willing to pay The touts in Fes are absolutely relentless. Anyone who is offering to help show you where <insert Fes attraction here> is located is expecting you to pay. Yes, even if they state clearly otherwise. Yes, even the 7 year old boy. Yes, they will lie to you and tell you you’re going the wrong way even when you aren’t. Don’t fall for it. Plus, getting lost and exploring is all part of the fun. Remember, you’ll always be able to find your way if you follow tip number two. 2. Don’t book hotels in advance There are so many hotels, riads, B&B’s and hostels in Morocco that it feels impossible to select just a few for your trip. We reserved 2 of our 4 stays in advance and secured the others after arrival. …


Morocco: 5 Things You Must Do

Looking back on our trip to Morocco, there are so many things that I wish I had known prior to our trip. Here are our must do’s. 1. Make the trip to Merzouga Yes, I know it’s an excruciatingly long drive and yes, I know it’s out of the way of virtually everything in Morocco. When you fall asleep under the starts and wake up and see the sunrise over the dunes of the Sahara, you’ll thank yourself. We booked our camel trip the same day through Mohaventura and could not have been happier. I highly recommend booking through Moha. They also have an auberge called Le Petit Prince that can be booked either before or after your trip. While we did not stay here, the others who did seem to really enjoy the experience and hospitality offered by Moha and his family. 2. Invest in a SIM card upon arrival Make this your first purchase in Morocco. We were hesitant on this initially thinking we would be fine without it, but it saved us …